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How to slider

  • Download the latest release package from yii extensions repository
  • Extract archive in your extensions folder
  • In the site's root create a folder named "images" and copy content of "images" folder from archive

To include a slider in page:
<?php $this->widget('extensions.slider.slider');?>

If you wish to customize your slider, you can set options:
        $this->widget('ext.slider.slider', array(
            'alts'=>array('First description','Second description','Third description','Four description'),
Usual parameters
  • container: class for slideshow container(string:'slideshow')
  • width: the width of container(integer:960)
  • height: the height of container(integer:240)
  • timeout: set time to slide next image(miliseconds:6000)
  • infos: set if the info bar is displayed(boolean: true)
  • constrainImage: set if image will be constrained to container(boolean:true)
  • images: filename of images(array: array('01.jpg','02.jpg','03.jpg','04.jpg')
  • alts: alt tag for every image('First description','Second description','Third description','Four description')
  • defaultUrl: url to redirect when an image is clicked(url: Yii::app()->request->hostInfo)