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How to syntaxhighlighter3

Install syntaxhighlighter3

Just extract syntaxhilighter3 archive into extensions folder.

Use syntaxhighlighter3

Include next code in the page where you wish to use syntaxhilighter3:
<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.syntaxhilighter3.syntaxhilighter3');?>
In this mode, syntaxhilighter3 will use all defaults configuration and load next brushes: Php, Sql, JScript, Css, Xml;

Optional parameter to be customized:

brushes: an array including brushes to be loaded ex: 'brushes'=>array('Cpp', 'Perl', 'Ruby')
config: an array including config of SyntaxHilighter. ex: 'config'=>array('stripBrs'=>true)
defaults: an array including defaults for SyntaxHilighter. ex: 'defaults'=>array('gutter'=>false)

Values for config and defaults parameters use key/value pairs format. To see all options which can be configured, visit the page of SyntaxHilighter.

Example of using a customized syntaxhilighter3:
<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.syntaxhilighter3.syntaxhilighter3', 
After integration of extension in the page, you will include your hilighted code between <pre> tags, using correct brush for your code.
Let say you will use some php code. Then you will write:

<pre class="brush:php;">
public function init()
	$this->brushes = $this->brushes ? $this->brushes : array('Php','Sql','JScript','Css', 'Xml');

Wrap long text in syntaxhilighter3

Because in SyntaxHilighter v3 there is no more wrap option, a solution may be to add next code to your css:
body .syntaxhighlighter .line {
       white-space: pre-wrap !important;

That's all.