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Yii extensions

Yii extensions

My public extensions use adequate license, to permit you to use them in any project, without any restriction.
Anyway, if you like my work and it help you reducing your work time, please consider to donate a little amount, to sustain the development of existings and new extensions.

fbgallery - help you to include a nice photo gallery into your website. Also, it can be used as a showroom or as a base for a little shop.

fileeditor - is a powerful multifile editor. Usefull for CMS projects

slider - is an yii extension which simply create an image slideshow.

social - insert twitter, googleplusone and facebook button, accepting horizontal and vertical alignment.

donate buttone - add to your site a box with a message and a button for donations through paypal.

syntaxhighligter3 - a wrapper for SyntaxHighlighter plugin, created by Alex Gorbatchev