About FBGallery

When you are connected as editor, you can:
  • Upload new pictures, using uploader form. Accepted types are, ".jpg",".png" and ".gif".
  • Change order of pictures by dragging them
  • Delete pictures
  • Rename pictures. Double click on top title of picture, insert new name and press Enter.

When you are connected as admin, you can do all what an editor can do, plus:
  • Load default setttings.
  • or
  • Change setttings for Gallery
    • Width for large images
    • Width for thumbs
    • Quality image
    • Sharpen image
    • Show title in thumb
    • Keep original pictures
    • Container folder for galleries
    • Temp folder for upload
    • Folder for original pictures
    • Folder for thumbs
    • Folder for large resized images
    • Text for Ok button
    • Text for Cancel button
  • Change setttings for Fancy Box
    • Position for image title
    • Easing Efect
    • Use mouse
    • Transition in Efect
    • Transition out Efect
    • Speed in Efect
    • Speed out Efect
    • Overlay Show
  • Change setttings for Uploader
    • Uploader title
    • Message for duplicate
    • Message for denied
    • Text for submit button
    • Remove
    • Accepted files type
    • Maxim files(-1 unlimited)
    • URL for processing upload

To give a try, please login.(Please before delete some pictures, upload your own pictures.)
To try this gallery as editor, use demo/demo.
To try as admin, use admin/admin.

For more help, don't hesitate to contact me.