How to

Install FBGallery:
  • Extract archive in your protected/extensions folder.
  • Create one folder for your galleries and give write permissions.
    Default folder is set to "galleries", at same level as protected folder, but you can put anywhere, then set it in Gallery CPanel.
  • Import into your database default configuration from plugin package /FBGallery/sql/fbgallery.sql and set in config/main.php to use "tablePrefix"=>'tbl_'. If you use another tablePrefix, change the name of tables, using your own prefix.
Use FBGallery:
  • In static pages, or pages without id in its url,(ex: site/index ) use next statement:

    $this->widget('application.extensions.FBGallery.FBGallery', array('pid'=>'1'));

    where pid must be an unique value for each gallery

  • In pages which use id in url,(ex: /page/2 - where 2 is id) use next statement


For more help, don't hesitate to contact me.